What Look Do You Want For Your Floors?

There are going got be endless options for the floors we have in our homes and the looks they portray.  For many people, simple tile or patterned floors are the best.  For others, a wood look vinyl flooring in fort myers fl is a greater option.  Either way, you really want to take your time and decide on what you want and what function it will solve.

Clean look

The first type of look is going to be the clean and professional look.  This will be a floor that when you walk in gives you a sense of relief and calm.  This won’t have any busy patterns, odd shapes or deformations.  When someone walks into this room you are going to feel relaxed and ready to have fun.

Busy look

Another type of look will be the busy look.  Casinos will have this type of look because they want to draw your eye or attention to other areas of the room.  The importance of the floor with the busy look is to distract you from the floor all together.

Industrial look

The next look is going to be your industrial look.  This look is where you will have machines and people running around.  These floors need to stand up to a lot of punishment and wear and tear.  These floors will typically be one solid color with no patter or imperfections.  The main color for an industrial look is grey.

wood look vinyl flooring in fort myers fl

Universal look

Finally, people will typically start with a universal look.  This look will fit into any space and into any environment.  Local stores, retail locations and locations like these will have a universal look.  When you go with a universal look it will be much more cost effective to change the overall use and look of the room which is why many people decide on it.